Every Fiat model/version has a specific servicing programme. It’s important that you have your car regularly serviced at the recommended intervals to ensure its long term reliability. Following the servicing programme means that you avoid the possibility of losing your warranty entitlement.

The exact service programme for your vehicle is detailed in the Fiat Passenger Vehicles Service & Warranty book that should be kept in your vehicle’s glovebox. By following these servicing schedules the performance and fuel consumption of your Fiat will be optimised. Low mileage options are available for customers who’s cars typically do less than 10,000 miles per annum.

Please contact Shelley or Aggy on 01795 423815 for advice on your servicing requirements.

  • Fiat Easy Care Servicing is appropriate for all Fiat cars, less than 12 months old at inception and covers scheduled manufacturers servicing requirements For further information regarding Easy Care Servicing, please press Easy Care button. Alternatively, please contact Shelley or Aggy on 01795 423815 for further advice.

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