The importance of tyre care

While the benefits of having your Fiat serviced by us are well known, the importance of proper tyre care and replacement between service intervals is sometimes overlooked.

The FiatCare Tyre Programme is designed to make things easier for you.

  • Easier for you to have your tyres professionally checked by a trained tyre technician.
  • Easier for you to find out the condition and estimated remaining life of your current tyres.
  • Easier for you to ensure that any new tyres you have fitted are of the correct specification.
  • You could even save money buying your tyres from us rather than going to a traditional fast fit tyre centre.

Choose your tyres with FiatCare

During the research and development in making Fiat cars perform to the highest standard, many brands, styles and types are considered and only the ones suited to the characteristic of the model are chosen. Naturally, as a tyre reaches the end of its life, these qualities may be impaired so to maintain the expected driving experience your tyres need to be up to the job as well as falling within the legal requirements.

Why have your tyres fitted with FiatCare?

  • We have all the specialist tools to ensure there is no accidental wheel damage during replacement.
  • We are the best place to ensure that the car is fitted with the tyres that the manufacturer had intended.
  • You will be able to consult our experienced technicians and understand new technology such as low rolling resistance tyres improving your economy without compromising the vehicle dynamics.
  • Replacing air with nitrogen is more new technology that can be explained by the FiatCare team.
  • Let us check your tyres - we’ll give you a Free Inspection report for peace of mind and an indication of the remaining tyre life.

Please contact Shelley or Aggy for advice on tyre safety and appropriate choice of tyre brand. We now stock a large range of tyres at competitive prices and we are happy to check your tyre condition and provide a no obligation quotation.